Sunday, June 29, 2008

Well, I was just going to mention some of the things going on at our house over the last week or so. My mom got pink eye... so of course I got pink eye. This all happened when McKenley was a week old. So we both went to the doctor and got medicated eye drops.. Just our luck. Weird things happen to me after I have babies. With Holden I got Shingles on my arm and hand - that was awful. So this time its pink eye and my hernia surgery (the joys of pregnancy)!! Very worth it of course. Holden hasn't been out to play much since being sick and having a new sister, so Tom and I decided to take him to the movie WALL-E. He is only 21 months old. But actually did really well and got quite a kick out of it. I enjoyed watching him more than the show. We bought him some snacks- Popcorn, Sprite, and Granola Bites. He was so funny though, just amazed and the huge screen and all the people sitting around us. He kept smiling and laughing, oh then he would wave at everyone. He sat through an hour and a half of it. But didn't last through the last 15 min. Which was fine and more than we had expected. Overall he did good, although I'm still not sure what we were thinking. It was good for him to get out of the house and quite the ADVENTURE for all of us. My mom goes home tomorrow so we'll see what the days ahead of us bring. We are also starting to pack so we can move home- just counting down the days!! And getting really antsy about it.

What a good big Brother

Holden has his moments- but for the most part has become such a great big brother! He just loves getting to hold his little sister. And loves to sit in her chair too of course. No, he's actually done really well with leaving her chair and swing alone. He just likes to go in the kitchen and find trouble as soon as I start nursing her. I'll be glad to have my living room and kitchen all open so I can see the trouble he is getting into!! Instead of having to wait until he comes out of the kitchen to see what he has in his hands. The other picture is of McKenley basking in the sunlight because she had jaundice.

Quad Cities Air Show

Holden got to go out and spend the day with his dad at the air show. He needed to get out and couldn't have been happier to go with dad all by himself for the day. Especially to see the airplanes. The planes had been practicing and flying over our house the day before the show and we would run out to see them and Holden got such a kick out of it. So it was really exciting for him to get to go and see them up close.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Holden and McKenley

Holden was really sick the whole week before we had McKenley. He went to the doctor three times and a trip to the ER the night before I got enduced. So when we brought her home he wasn't aloud to touch or get close.. doc orders. Which I think made it a little harder for him to adjust to having her around and getting so much attention. So finally a few days later we let him hold her and I have never seen him so happy, he just giggled the cutest giggles. What a proud big brother. It made us all feel better. We kept telling him she was giving him kisses and he just couldn't get enough of her.

McKenley Kay

Well she finally made it into the world and into our home. We have just loved every minute of it so far. She was born on Friday the 13th at 3:59 pm. She was 6 lbs. 2 oz. and 20 in.


A couple pictures of Holden. He loves his dad and everything about him. He loves it outside, last time it rained we let him go run around in the rain (little did we know there was a tornado warning still in effect)