Monday, October 27, 2008

Tommy's Graduation- congrats Dr. Murdoch

Well it's official he's a DC!!! Congrats Tommy we love you and are very proud of you!! Last week we flew back to Iowa for Tommy to graduate from Chiropractic School.. It was a quick trip, but well worth every second to see tommy walk accross the stage and get his diploma.. I can't believe he's finally done with school..YEAHH!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

McKenley.. 4 months and 2 teeth already..

McKenley and Holden. She's starting to enjoy toys..

Tommy and the kids!

Well I don't have any picts of my birthday..but I had a good one..Tommy and the kids took me shopping and out to lunch.. Then my best friend from Jr. High came over with her family... and we had pizza and cake and ice cream.. it was a good day..I turned the big 26!! And McKenley turned 4 months on my b-day.. and I have some recent picts of her.. she's much funner to look at anyways!!

Island Park

David Kimball

Holden having a good time at the park

Denny Mack

Tommy Murdoch

If you ask me I think Julieann (sorry for spelling) showed them all up!!

We took some of our friends from Chiropractic school to the cabin for the weekend.. some couldn't make it (Sad). But I'm sure we'll do it again.. don't know if I'll invite Marianne though!!! It was fun. we went to West Yellowstone and had a picnic.. and played on the playground equipment and the boys created challenges for one another and some got hurt.. it was inevitable!! but here are some picts of the guys being...well...the guys. We also went to see the Bears and Wolves. We had a good time.. we'll have to go again in the winter..