Monday, August 18, 2008

sorry so long

well, it's been a while since I posted. But it's been one thing after another. We got here and Holden got an ear infection. Then a spider bite. and after getting done with all those antibiotics he decided to get pneumonia. Man he's been a sick little boy.. two trips to the ER.. hopefully he's payed his dues for a while. I'm not sure tom and I can take much more.. oh and I was sick in between all of it as well. McKenley's blessing went well, other than I missed the whole thing. Holden got away from grandma- and was heading to get his daddy. Who is his best friend and I was afraid he was going to distract tom, so I went after him and before I knew it- the blessing was over... oh well. I heard he did a great job and McKenley was so beautiful.. it was a really nice day..
We have also been to the cabin, which was a lot of fun.. holden had a great time. And a few trip to Idaho Falls to see our new home.. which is almost done.. this week!! We are very excited.. it looks great.. lots more work to do on our part.. fence, yard, decorating.. well I will get pictures up soon.