Thursday, April 23, 2009

San Diego

We went to San Diego a couple of weeks ago and had so much fun!! We went with all of Tommy's family and stayed in a beach house by the ocean. We went to Sea World, saw the air craft carrier, went to old town San Diego, and the San Diego Temple. Oh and some of us got the flu- so that put a damper on some of our plans, like going to lego land. Oh well, it was fun and we loved it.. Holden was happy to fly on the aiplane to go see Averi his cousin.

This one's for you Erica.. they love their rocking chairs.. Thanks!! we miss you guys.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Here's the newest addition to Tom's life.. and he couldn't be happier.. He's been waiting to get a truck ever since the day he sold his when he married me.. Thank Heaven's for my sake I don't have to hear about it anymore!! He does deserve it and I am very proud of him and all his hard work!! And I think he was getting tired of hearing Holden talk about Papa Fritz's big truck all the time and wanted his son to like him as much as he does Papa Fritz.. except unfortunantly that will probably NEVER happen.

Total Care Chiropractic

Well, it's official..Tom is a working man!! He decided to buy Dr. Jared Scott's practice from him. Jared does a outdoors show on T.V. and wants to put all his time into that and didn't have enough time for his show, his practice and his family.. So we were the lucky ones to buy it. Tommy talked to him about a year ago and he wanted to sell it before Tom would have been ready to buy it.. but wasn't able to. So Tommy started on the 23rd of February. And things are going rather well so far.. Jared saw around 15-25 patients a week. Because he only worked 3 days.. And Tommy saw 28 his first week and only worked 3 days that first week as well.. But this week he started working all week, so we will see how things go! But so far we are pleased with our decision, and excited for what's to come!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finishing Our Basement

Well, since Tom had so much time on his hands while he waited for his board scores.. we decided to finish our basement.. it's been good because he'll never have this much time to do it again.. once he becomes a working man!! He had to frame walls, closets.. him and his brother in-law who is an electrician wired it. Then he hung the sheet rock with some help from his uncle. We hired someone to help tape and texture.. and once that was done it took Tom 2 days to prime and paint the whole thing!! With a small amount of my help painting the corners. It's been so fun to see what it has turned into!! Not at all what it looked like when we built it.. we had a custome cabinet made for the bathroom. Now we are hanging doors. The tile guy is coming the 23rd to lay tile..Oh we had all the trim and doors and shelving delivered, we are going to start painting and hanging that!! Most the lights are in.. We are doing good for not having a whole lot of help and for not really having any idea or experience in the matter.. so here are some picts.. more to come later!!


Well, here I am it's almost valentine's day and I am barely blogging about christmas.. we had a great christmas at tommy's parents.. then we went to the cabin for new years, which was fun and we had a great time snowmobiling.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tommy's Graduation- congrats Dr. Murdoch

Well it's official he's a DC!!! Congrats Tommy we love you and are very proud of you!! Last week we flew back to Iowa for Tommy to graduate from Chiropractic School.. It was a quick trip, but well worth every second to see tommy walk accross the stage and get his diploma.. I can't believe he's finally done with school..YEAHH!!