Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Total Care Chiropractic

Well, it's official..Tom is a working man!! He decided to buy Dr. Jared Scott's practice from him. Jared does a outdoors show on T.V. and wants to put all his time into that and didn't have enough time for his show, his practice and his family.. So we were the lucky ones to buy it. Tommy talked to him about a year ago and he wanted to sell it before Tom would have been ready to buy it.. but wasn't able to. So Tommy started on the 23rd of February. And things are going rather well so far.. Jared saw around 15-25 patients a week. Because he only worked 3 days.. And Tommy saw 28 his first week and only worked 3 days that first week as well.. But this week he started working all week, so we will see how things go! But so far we are pleased with our decision, and excited for what's to come!!


Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

congrats thats exciting!! I hope he stays that busy thats great! I am so happy for you guys!

Alisha said...

That is wonderful! Congrats!

parkithere said...

Oh My Stars...
What a fabulous building
Looks like it is by Dr Smiths Dental office...
Good luck and great looking truck..
Don't ever try to compete with'll never will...hehehehehe
Aunt Nettie, Uncle Steve and Amanda

A 'n D said...

congrats on the new practice! that's exciting for your family! we sure love the office we go to here, as i'm sure tommy's patients do as well!
and the truck looks like a lot of fun, too!
-angie :o)